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Australia is burning and every little bit counts.

Jan 08, 2020

Australia is burning and every little bit counts.

The current bushfire crisis is shaping up to be one of the most devastating times in the history of Australia, and it is breaking our hearts.

It is impossible not to feel the impact either directly or indirectly, nor is it impossible to see and be amazed at the way this incredible country, and our neighbours are coming together to help and support the victims and heroes of this national emergency.

The devastation caused is as yet not fully realised, and the recovery will be long and ongoing, but we know that every little bit helps. So we at Vivaz Dance HQ just want to firstly acknowledge and thank all of the volunteers who have come to the aid of the people, animals and properties, to all those that have raised money and supplies for the cause, to those that have donated their time and shared their spaces, and to the charities for simply existing and assisting with the relief effort.

We would also like to pledge our donation of profits made from the sales of all accessories at this Saturdays warehouse sale (online and in store) to the “Wires” emergency fund. Wires is a wonderful organisation that is helping to rescue and care for the native wildlife that is affected by the current bushfire emergency. To make a direct donation please visit

Thank you for helping us to support this wonderful cause, it will mean so much to us to be able to help in some way.


Amber Ben

Vivaz Dance