Are you ready to take your passion for dance to the next level? We are thrilled to invite you to join our exclusive Influencer Program here at Vivaz Dance Shoes. We are the leading destination for premium Latin dance shoes, and we're looking for talented dancers who share our love for movement and expression.

Please note: The Influencer Program exclusively applies to Vivaz Dance branded dance shoes. If you wish to collaborate with Vamp Heels, please proceed to their program here.



  1. Connect your chosen social account below (Instagram or TikTok)
  2. Our AI program will access your social account and present you with a personalised discount code to purchase your Vivaz Dance Shoes
  3. Copy the discount code and jump over to our Current Collection to choose and purchase your Vivaz Dance Shoes
  4. Once your Vivaz Dance Shoes arrive in your hot hands follow the posting guidelines here