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Dance Shoe Care Tips

Nov 10, 2021

Dance Shoe Care Tips

Like with any sport, your gear will support you best when it's well-maintained. It’s no different with dancing, and taking care of your shoes is the key to the best dances of your life. The power lies in their soft delicate fabrics, offering the most flex in the sole, comfort in the toes, and all around shine. The best way to preserve this is:

  • Only wear them indoors! Quality shoes are made for quality dance floors, and rough outdoor surfaces are a fast track to irreversible wear and tear.
  • Keep them dry! If they do get wet, let them completely dry out in the sun or use a blowdryer.
  • Brush the suede, but not too much! Wire sole brushes (available here) should be used every 3-4 weeks to keep the soles performing at their best. Learn how to brush your soles here.
  • Protect them! We send out our shoes in a cotton bag for a reason. Store them there to keep them looking their best.


4 professional tips to help care for your dance shoes

One last thing to note: The more you love your shoes, the more they’ll love you back. It will take some time for you two to gel together, so be patient and enjoy the experience as they mould to the shape of your foot for ultra personalised support.